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About Urban Landscape Design Ltd

Urban Landscape Design Ltd is a leading outdoor specialist offering a comprehensive landscaping service throughout the North West of England and North and mid Wales.

Established in 2005 by Mark and Holly Youde they have built up a distinguished reputation which incorporates an extensive skill set and wide range of expertise to produce outstanding prestigious and sustainable design and landscaping solutions for our private and commercial landscaping clients.


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Our dedication and commitment in providing only the highest quality outdoors spaces allows us to tackle all external projects including, but not limited to:

  • Small and large scale domestic projects
  • Hard and soft landscaping
  • Commercial projects
  • Prestigious outdoor public spaces
  • Full design & build service
  • Contractor for landscape designers and architects
  • Outdoor living including kitchens, fireplaces and fire pits
  • Approved RENSON® canopy designer and installers
  • Dedicated client show area & design studio

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Why choose us

From conception to completion, you can rely on the whole team at Urban Landscape Design Ltd to ensure your project runs smoothly from design through to completion.


We Are Different

Unique approach to managing all aspects of your project


We are knowledgeable

Highly experienced and knowledgeable site and office staff


We are committed

Innovative and open minded with a ‘can do’ attitude – we like a challenge!


Visit us

Visit us before and during stages of your project at our show area and design studio


Our Urban Landscapes team are repeatedly complimented on their helpful and friendly approach, and with their expertise, knowledge and full health and safety training, you can trust us to complete your projects to the highest standards.



Director Mark is incredibly motivated and passionate when it comes to all aspects of landscaping. With his meticulous attention to detail, he has the drive, desire and commitment to see Urban Landscape Design Ltd become the market leader in the landscaping industry offering a unique, fresh and above all professional approach. Mark is enthusiastic about giving back to the landscaping sector and constantly provides on-going training for staff, as well as developing and nurturing young talent. With his experience and energy, Mark wants to bring about a change in the landscaping industry, one that removes the stigma associated with landscaping companies, and help develop the future prospects for all landscaping professionals and those who wish to use their services.



Creative Director Holly is an exceptionally talented and qualified garden designer, and the principal force in business development within Urban. Her dedication and interest in the collaborative design process, and the thrill of seeing ideas brought to life by the Urban team, drives Holly forward to create some incredible gardens that quickly become cherished spaces. She has a track record for delivering innovative and distinctive projects. With her love for discovering new industry trends, and her friendly and open approach, Holly will ensure that each project is delivered to outstanding standards.



Commercial Manager Glynne brings many years of extensive experience in the commercial landscaping sector. His wealth of wisdom, technical knowledge and open mindedness enable him to overcome any obstacle that may arise, and with his attention to detail, nothing will come between Glynne and a landscaping creation. With his approachable and helpful personality, Glynne instantly puts people at ease and from here he builds strong relationships with clients and suppliers, and will go above and beyond what is expected. Glynne loves to research new techniques and products, and carries out in-depth investigations of areas of interest. As well as this, he also has a passion for plant husbandry and is the go to man for all aspects of soft landscaping, and the odd bit of Latin (as long as it is to do with plants).



HR & Accounts Manager Kelly is extremely organised and efficient and ensures the smooth running of all aspects of the office, including the financial and human resources areas. With her witty humou and dedication, she has built up a great rapport with all our clients and suppliers, as well as putting all our members of staff at ease in an instant. Kelly provides a constant and faithful background for the office, and enjoys supporting this creative and talented team of people.



Project Co-ordinator James is our landscaping geek and takes perfection to the extreme. He will oversee and co-ordinate all teams across all our projects. With his many (18) years in domestic and commercial landscaping, his on-site experience will ensure no aspects of our landscaping projects fall below our extremely high standards, and are delivered on time. James has a very keen eye, ensuring that any items of snagging are picked up and rectified immediately.



Chief of Mischief There is never a dull moment in the Urban office, especially with Dylan around. Dylan wears a multitude of hats in the office, from joker to stress manager, he’s always up to something.

Landscaping Team

With our ever-expanding landscaping teams, we are lucky to have a diverse set of skills and the enriched experience they bring, all with a positive attitude to everything they undertake. Our teams are repeatedly praised for their professionalism, hard-work, dedication and individual personalities from both our clients and other landscaping services and designers that we work with. Each of our teams has an appointed Team Leader, who are driven to run projects efficiently and safely to ensure client peace of mind.