Basic gardening tools everybody should have

Whether you’re an avid gardener or you’re just starting to grow your green fingers, here are the 8 basic gardening tools that everybody should have.


Compost is decomposed organic matter that is rich in nutrients. Spreading it over your soil beds will give your soil everything it needs to grow healthy plants.


Fertiliser is similar to compost in the way that it too helps plants to grow healthier and faster. However, unlike compost, it can be either organic or synthetic. Fertiliser is also a specialised product because contains a certain mixture of nutrients and minerals that are necessary for specific plants.


A spade is a garden must-have. It’s something we’ve all seen and know of, yet something that not nearly enough of us own. A spade will help you with a variety of tasks, from uprooting stubborn weeds to landscaping areas of your garden.


Hoes are fantastic tools for tilling your soil. They allow you to distribute nutrients and maintain the quality of your soil beds, which will definitely come in handy if you want anything to grow properly.

Weeding trowel

Remove those pesky weeds right from the root! While spades can also be used for this, it’s a much harder task than simply using a weeding trowel. However, please note that you must first investigate what exactly your weeds are. Certain weeds only grow bigger by a DIY attempt of removal, such as Crab Grass and Dandelions, and may need expert intervention.


Rakes are ideal for planting seeds for your next generation of plants. They produce long, thin divots in your soil beds that comfortably host smaller seeds.


Keep your grass trimmed and your garden looking lovely with a lawnmower. We know the idea of mowing the lawn is not something that many of us enjoy, but for the sake of a beautiful garden, it is a sacrifice we must make! Technological advances in lawnmowers mean that you don’t need to buy a big, clunky machine – you can do perfectly well with a hand-held version. Happy mowing!

Watering tool

Whether you use a hose, a sprinkler or a watering can, your plants need water. You can’t rely solely on the weather to keep your plants in tip top shape, especially if you have rather fussy plants in your garden. Even grass can brown and die during a particularly hot English summer.

Do you agree with our list of basic gardening tools?

We think this makes a pretty good round up of the basic tools that you need to tend to the average garden. Of course, there are probably a lot of other tools that you could do with, but we want this list to be the bare essentials. Having a well-kept garden doesn’t have to cost the world, after all.

If you know someone who’s been wanting to get into gardening, why not gift them a few of the tools we mentioned? We can guarantee they’ll be grateful for your thoughtfulness and creativity.



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